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Laurel MametLaurel Mamet, M. Th., CAEH, MMS works heartfully with energy and takes you through a higher conscious awareness that leads you deeper into your own personal healing. This allows for spontaneous healings and enlightened information that uplift you and reveal soul lessons in a gentle, firm and empowering way. Expansion of body, mind, and spirit connection offers a variety of opportunities for clearing and personal growth leading to the deepest feelings of Joy with every choice you make.

Laurel has traveled extensively helping to broaden the vision of peace and well-being in the world. Bringing forth her expertise and wisdom, Laurel’s clients awaken into their passionate purpose as enlightened people and, more often than not, masterful healers. She empowers the activation of a new and vibrant consciousness that is ready to be embodied within the heart of humanity.

Grow and learn with this heartfelt healer. Sessions are available in person or via telephone.

Schedule your healing session with Laurel:

  1. Call Laurel at 828.650.0920 to schedule a convenient time for your appointment.
  2. For your convenience a link is included at the bottom of this page to make payment for your session. You may also provide your payment details in office.
  3. If you schedule a telephone session then at the appropriate time call the telephone number provided to you at confirmation of your appointment time.
  4. Experience, feel, play, heal!

Private and confidential healing session with Laurel Mamet,  M.Th., CAEH, MMS

Laurel is the Director of AlixSandra Parness’ Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing School. She is a dedicated healer who has spent a lifetime working with the body to fully realize spiritual, emotional and physical well being. She is a powerful transmitter of spiritual energy. Laurel's embodiment of Inner Focus teachings allows for extreme movement into higher consciousness and healing.

Price: $150.00

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