New Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing School Begins 2015!

Today we are on a leading edge of spiritual evolution that is dynamically changing and expanding our human experience.

We welcome you and people from all walks of life who are choosing to work heartfully with energy and develop into heart-centered, compassionate, creatively inspired, and empowered people.

AlixSandra Parness’ Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing School is designed to take you through an enlightened transmission of higher conscious awareness that leads you deeper into your personal healing, and spiritual mastery.

Access the Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing School Enrollment Form HERE.

We will deeply explore the energetics of the body, mind and spirit connection and provide a variety of opportunities for the upliftment, clearing, and personal growth that is crucial to Advanced Energy Healership.

Our expanding universe is calling us into our greatness and power. You can become the Activator of well-being that is the natural you and vibrationally transform your life. Through Inner Focus, you will discover dynamic tools for upliftment and alignment that are practical, easily understood and can be used right away for yourself and others. Your essence is fully awakened to the power of your eternal nature. You will enter your vortex of joy with health, happiness and wholeness as your partners.

Through the birthright of Joy, your higher consciousness is activated and the mysteries of life are revealed, thus Healing the Heart Of Humanity, One Heart At A Time. The Inner Focus Healing School offers an in-depth combination of teaching and experiential work, resulting in personal healing and Spiritual Mastery. You will be fully qualified as a healing professional, to set up a practice and explore the expanding realms of energy medicine. The empowering classes offered through The Healing School are taught by Regional Director, Laurel Mamet with specific webinar sessions led by Founder and International Director, Dr. AlixSandra Parness.

The Inner Focus School is a living breathing regenerative teaching. Your transformation will be immediate. The results are positively delicious!

When you graduate you will be certified and fully credentialed as a healing professional to set up a practice and contribute in the ever expanding realms of energy medicine.

You will attain highly tuned skills that accelerate the natural genius of the unique you.

Your practiced alignment stabilizes your emotional body wisdom to follow your deepest feelings of Joy with every choice you make.

“I’ve worked with Laurel in the past and the healing has been profound. That is why I decided to attend her school. What I’ve noticed is that since signing up, change has started to occur. The process of making a commitment to move to the next level of awareness has called forth all the resources to support my growth. I feel very much in my power in a grounded, deeper way. I can’t wait to see what happens when classes actually start!” – Ginger Graziano


✧ Establishing Higher States of Consciousness

✧ Universal Laws and How They Apply

✧ Connecting With Your Higher Consciousness

✧ A.R.T. ~ Inner Focus Alignment Resonance Technique

✧ Life Beyond the “Yabbit” World

✧ The Art of Intentional Blessing

✧ Soul Centered / Client Centered Healing

✧ The Art of Alignment and Basking

✧ Your Sacred Geometry and Energetic Anatomy


✧ Communicating with your Higher Self and Source

✧ Inner Focus, Meditation and Movement

✧ Transformation of Core Issues

✧ Creating Your Unique Reality and Living It

✧ Living from Your Passionate Heart

✧ Manifestation of Your Creative Genius

✧ Self-Empowerment and Wisdom

✧ Meditation, Music, and Laughter

Access the Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing School Enrollment Form HERE.


Laurel Mamet, M.Th., CAEH, MMS, Director of Inner Focus

Laurel Mamet, M.Th., CAEH, MMS, Director of Inner Focus

Laurel Mamet M.Th., CAEH, MMS is the Director of AlixSandra Parness’ Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing School. She is a meticulous healer who has spent a lifetime working with the body to fully realize spiritual, emotional and physical well being.

Laurel is an ordained minister, Certified Advanced Energy Healer and licensed Massage Therapist. She graduated from the Swedish Institute in NYC, Certified Cranio-Sacral and Somato-Emotional Release Therapist from the Upledger Institute and also studied with the Tri-State School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Laurel is a graduate of Dr. Robert T. Jaffe’s European School of Energy Mastery. It was in the School of Energy Mastery that she met AlixSandra Parness, one of the lead teachers in that school.

Laurel’s passion for movement began at an early age. She became a student of Marjorie Mazia, wife of Woody Guthrie and original company member of the Martha Graham Dance Company. Her dance studies continued for many years with other leading edge dance teachers and today she designs dance/healing events in Asheville.

The healing world opened for Laurel in 1975, after a performance where she fell and broke her foot bone. Her journey to healing was inspired by a master massage therapist who had extensive knowledge of herbs and spiritual phenomenon. She began private study with her and that was her entree into the world of alternative medicine and spiritual guidance. Oriental Medicine became Laurel’s preferred form of treatment. It was through this ancient energetic philosophy that Laurel understood the deeper spiritual foundations of healing, and so began seeking in that realm for guidance.

Pir Vilayat Khan of the Sufi Order of the West became Laurel’s spiritual mentor. She learned the value and power of the transmission of spiritual energy through extensive practices of breath, meditation and divine appreciation for the sacred. These profound teachings expanded her consciousness and brought about extraordinary qualities within her that later developed her clairvoyant and clairsentient skills.

During a healing intensive in Asheville, Laurel’s hometown for over 25 years, AlixSandra Parness recognized her expertise as a highly qualified healer and appreciated her intensity and passion to grow into a master teacher. She was invited to join AlixSandra’s newly formed Advanced Energy Healing School opening in Madison, Wisconsin that year. Laurel has been teaching alongside AlixSandra for eighteen years creating some of the most radical, exhilarating and spontaneous teachings that allow for personal, physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. It has been in these years that Laurel matured as a powerful transmitter of spiritual energy. Her embodiment of the teachings allows for extreme movement into higher consciousness.

Laurel’s natural progression through her affiliation with AlixSandra Parness’ Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing School grew from new faculty, to senior faculty, to Dean of Education. Through her intense desire to continue Inner Focus teachings, AlixSandra has appointed Laurel Director of the school. “There is no one that can take the school into the next levels of integrative medicine better than Laurel”, says AlixSandra, “She has been at my side as friend, colleague, minister and master teacher for eighteen years. Our goals are one goal: To Heal The Heart Of Humanity, One Heart At A Time. 

AlixSandra Parness, DD

AlixSandra Parness, DD, Founder of Inner Focus

A dedicated healer, AlixSandra Parness, DD, has spent the last twenty five years refining her clairvoyant, channeling and teaching abilities. She has trained in a wide variety of modalities, from working with psychic surgeons, to studying with Barbara Brennan, to being a senior faculty member and national coordinator for the School of Energy Mastery. As an ordained minister and Doctor of Divinity, she led the Teaching of the Inner Christ Church in Las Vegas for 5 years before founding the Inner Focus Church for healing in 1991. In 1994 she created the Inner Focus School for Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing. In her work and programs, she has held classes and seminars for up to two hundred people.

AlixSandra has developed the ability to find, hold and lift group energy and then bring the group into new levels of conscious awareness. Her connection with the realms of divine love and ascended masters allows for spontaneous healings and enlightened information that uplift the consciousness of individuals and reveal soul lessons in a gentle, firm and empowering way. It’s impossible to experience this woman without being moved.

Two wonderful new schools will open in Asheville, North Carolina and Little Rock, Arkansas in 2015. We continue our tradition of training those who want to become Certified Advanced Energy Healers as well as those who are looking for a deeper alignment with their own inner spirit. Everyone is welcome! ~AlixSandra Parness

We so look forward to your joining us on this passionate journey, and being your Most Magnificent Self.

The new Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing School (Two locations: Asheville, North Carolina and Little Rock, Arkansas) meets approximately every 3 months for 8 modules lasting 5 days each. You receive 35 contact hours for each session with massage and nursing CEU’s available. Five 2-hour webinars and 6 private supervision mentoring sessions are also included. An expansive School Workbook and school handbook are provided. A diploma and certification are offered upon completion of class attendance, 80 practicums, a case study, and financial discharge.

Access the Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing School Enrollment Form HERE.

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